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Teton Gravity Reserch

-Reviewing Intuition’s new Pro Tongue and Pro Wrap liners-

November 18, 2013

Intuition Liners are known for producing high performance boot liners for use in ski and snowboard boots and for other applications, and they’re one of the few products in skiing or snowboarding that absolutely live up to the hype…

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Blister Gear Review

-Intuition Liners — Overview and Reviews-

March 7, 2012

There are two common questions I get asked time and time again: (1) “Do I need Intuition liners?” and (2) “Which Intuition liner is right for me?”…

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14 Skiers Blog

-Gear Review: Black Diamond Shiva Boots with Intuition Liners-

January 12, 2012

Last winter, my beloved Scarpa Diva boots began to fall apart on me. I knew it was time to keep my eye out for a new pair of AT boots. The selection of women’s AT boots has grown significantly since I last purchased my Divas in 2008…

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Epic Ski

-Intuition Power Wrap Liner Reviews-

May 6, 2011

I was in the middle of a miserable boot fit season when I bought these. I am a part-time ski instructor and had lugged through lessons where I had to remove my boots at lunch to let the hot spots heal up what they could before the afternoon shift, and was desperate for a solution…

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Skiing Business

-Intuition President Talks Boot Liners-

October 26, 2010

Intuition Sports is the go-to custom liner company for ski shops around the country. The Vancouver, British Columbia-based company not only makes aftermarket ski boot liners, they also make aftermarket snowboard boot liners – including liners that come standard on ThirtyTwo, Ride and K2 snowboard boots…

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Unofficial Networks

-Gear Review: Intuition Liners-

January 12, 2011

How fun is driving a car without power steering? Well skiing without a custom liner is about the same feeling once you have had them for a little while. I am partial to Intuition’s Power Wrap Liner. They form around all those little oddities that are your feet and ankles…

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Wild Snow Blog

-Intuition Liners — Everything You Always Wanted to Know-

January 29, 2009

It’s safe to say that Intuition revolutionized ski boot technology when they made the heat mold liner widely available. Here is the story…

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