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Intuition’s Denali liners are ultra-light, high performance mountaineering boot liners. Whether it’s an Everest expedition or a local trek, these simple yet functional liners help combat the most severe elements.

Denali liners feature low cut cuffs and a super soft lining for uncompromising comfort and support. The sole features a silicone non-slip splash tread for grip on slippery surfaces.

The Denali is a medium volume liner and works best with a shell fit* of One – two fingers (1/2″-1¼”)

If your shell is a half size, round up for this model.

Denali liners are also exceptional components for hard waterski shells – they are thicker alternative to the Aqua liner.

This model can be worn ‘out of the box’, heat molded with the home fit kit or fit by a professional bootfitter.

*Checking Shell Fit

In order to determine the right thickness of liner for you, start by checking your shell fit. To do this, pull the existing liner out of the shell. Stand with your bare foot inside the bare shell, and move your foot all the way forward so that your toes are touching the end. Bend your knee and flex forward a bit so that you can slide your hand or even a pencil into the shell behind your leg. How many fingers can you fit between your heel and the shell?

Additional Information


Wrap Style Liner, Medium Volume, Non-Slip Silicon Tread, 12mm Sole, Anti-Microbial Lining Treatment


Height (cm): 16-22cm, Weight (grams): 180-364g


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