Intuition Sports, Inc.

Cold, sore feet should not be a part of winter sports!

Packed out liners are a pain!

Intuition figured this out over 20 years ago, and today we make hundreds of thousands of warm, comfortable, high performance boot liners for replacement, and for high-end models of the world’s greatest brands.

We are also the #1 provider of replacement liners for the millions who love their boots and hate their liners.

Intuition liners are used by some of the best athletes in the world, including extreme big mountain skiers, national ski/snowboard team members, professional instructors and backcountry tour guides, and high altitude mountaineers, and thousands of ski patrollers.

These people virtually live in their boots all day, every day, and demand the best performance and comfort possible from their equipment.

They also need their boot liners to last longer and be more durable than the stock boot liners provided with their boots, so the only solution is Intuition Liners.

Intuition Sports is based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

The company was granted a patent on October 7th, 1993.

Intuition Sports offers the world’s most extensive line of high performance replacement liners. Our experience listening to and learning from skiers around the globe guarantees everyone can find their perfect fit.

The History - Design Evolution

The History – Intuition Design Evolution

Contact Information

Contact Information