Custom Fitting Intuition Liners


The Home Fitting and Shop Fitting links below will give some general information about fitting your Intuition liners to your own two feet. Unless you don’t have two feet…and then just your one foot. You could also use this information to fit your Intuition liners on the feet(foot) of someone else. If this is the case, we ask that you first be sure that the other person ‘wants’ to be fitted with your Intuition liners. Intuition does not support the forced fitting of our liners. …Unless it’s some sort of good practical joke…and then we only require that you send us video (or at least photo) documentation so that we can be entertained as well!



Home Fitting Instructions
Shop Fitting Instructions

Trouble deciding which liner to get?! Fill out our online Fitting Information Form and we will get back to you with our expert advice on which liner would be best for you!


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