What people are saying about Intuition Liners…

I’ve been using Intuition Liners since 1996 as the MOST effective interface between my body and my sport equipment.

It is essential that I ‘become one’ with my gear, and Intuition have been doing the job for over 20 years!

Gold Medals in the Paralympics, World Champion titles and being a Fourcross Pioneer has all been achieved and have been made possible, in part, to the amazing connection to my gear I get from using Intuition Sport products. Intuition is simply THE best.

-Stacy Kohut

Paralympic Gold Medalist | 2 x World Champion | Fourcross Pioneer
Intuition is simply THE best.

After spending hours at the boot fitter trying to grind, punch and cut pieces out of my boots to make them fit every season I finally decided it was time to try some custom liners. I put my first pair of Intuitions into my new boots and they felt amazing on the first day! After the initial pack out my feet no longer hurt at the end of the day, the Intuition liners were life savers for me.

I ski with both the Powerwrap and the Pro Tour. My downhill boots have the Powerwrap, they are nice and stiff and don’t have the tongue of traditional liners to get in the way. When I first got my touring boots I could barely ski in them, my feet hurt so much I wanted to throw them away. I put a Pro Tour liner in them and the first tour felt amazing and kept my feet warmer than the stock liners. Intuition liners saves me days of misery going back and forth to the boot fitter every time I get new boots, they mold to your feet perfectly in the shop and you’re good to go out and enjoy the day.

I ski 130+ days year round and the comfort and fit of my Intuition Liners make that possible!

-Owen Leeper – Professional Athlete

...the Intuition liners were life savers for me.

My new boots are actually comfortable and warm after a single visit to the boot fitters to mold my liners. I can’t believe it! I used to spend an entire year getting them right (and they were still never right!). These liners change everything…

-Kristen Ulmer – Pro Skier

These liners change everything...

It’s important when considering what type of footwear to ski in that you break your boots down into components. I would never ski without a proper fitting shell, orthotics, and custom mouldable liners. My brand of choice for liners has always been Intuition. Where stock liners fail to provide the warmth, performance, and comfort I require to live in my ski boots year-round, Intuition has changed the game for me. I ride the Pro Wrap and the Dream Liners. I rock the Pro Wrap in my 3-piece touring shells to increase stiffness in my shells, prevent shin bang, and stay warm on long traverses. I ride the Dream liners in my low volume Alpine boots which keeps me warm and helps me to drive my ski better than a stock liner due to the custom mouldable fit.

-Chelsea Sullivan



...Intuition has changed the game for me.

I’ve been using Intuition Liners for the last 5 or so years in my water ski boots. In that time I’ve joined the Pro scene, taken World Championship medals and finally became World Champion this year. I wouldn’t use anything else.

-Freddie Winter – World Champion Water-skier

I wouldn't use anything else.

Intuition Powerwrap is the only way to go. I’ve crammed my foot into a race fit for the last 15 years. After the first few weeks of skiing in new boots the stock liner always packs out leaving my foot rubbing on plastic. Ouch! As long as I can remember I’ve been uncomfortable in my boots dealing with bone spurs, foot cramping and other issues. The Intuition Powerwrap is a total game changer, it’s provided me the most responsive and comfortable fit I have ever had.

-Josh Daiek – Pro Skier

...it's provided me the most responsive and comfortable fit I have ever had.

I have 2 pairs of Pro Wraps I use in my Dalbello Krypton ID PRO for in-bounds use and shorter tours and my Scarpa Freedom SL for all of my other days in the mountains. I love the warmth and fit that my Pro Wrap gives me. After a good boot fitting my ski boots feel like slippers, comfy and real cushy. Along with a cork foot bed and compression socks, (I use Tommy Copper Compression socks) you will never have sore feet again or blisters. I spend a lot of time walking uphill and the Pro Wrap is the most durable, warmest liner. It is incredibly light and the new material is thinner and more breathable and stiffer. I prefer the stiff cuff for skiing aggressively and catching lots of Air. The Pro Wrap also fits my foot and leg size perfectly allowing the wrap around to fit snugly inside my Scarpa Freedom SL. As long as you don’t blow hot, hot air into the liners you will have them for years, cool air is fine they breathe and dry in an hour out of the shell. I have also noticed my feet don’t get as hot as they used to in other liners. The combination of the compression sock which is nice and thin and the Pro Wrap makes me more connected with my ski and makes my skiing more pointed and fluid. I ski smoother and longer because of the Pro Wrap. They also don’t reek of hot garbage after 50 days because of the Aegis Technology (anti-microbial) treatment. Overall, I never have sore feet and never grow tired of being in my boots, which makes me ski more and take advantage of the PNW snow at Mt. Baker, Squamish, Whistler & Pemberton. Have fun and be safe out there!

-John Wells


...I ski smoother and longer because of the Pro Wrap.

I can not believe how my Power Wrap Plus liners continue to perform. No shin bang, lighter and stiffer boots, warm feet, and increasing the comfort. My feet are cozy and happy all day whether it is skiing hard all day, coaching my son on mellower terrain, touring for hours on end, or sitting in an IFSA judges pit. I personally enjoy the Power Wrap styled liners because all that padding helps absorb the constant beating of skiing fast and airing big. With two pins in my ankle these liners help reduce the pressure that I would feel in my old liners. It’s no joke how an amazing a pair of Intuition liners will improve your boots.

-Josh Mattson


It’s no joke how an amazing a pair of Intuition liners will improve you boots.

I use the Intuition Dreamliner Liner in my Ski-Touring Boots and my Sled Boots. These liners offer a bit more room in the toe box but are true intuition liners in every other way with comfort, warmth and how they allow your foot to directly feel whats going on. This is so important in the sports I do! Thank you Intuition for making my feet happy in over 100 days in the backcountry a year.

-Dave Norona



This is so important in the sports I do!

I use the Pro Tour and Powerwrap liners these days. I initially fell in love with Intuition through my old Dalbello Krypton pros which come with the Powerwrap as the stock liner (genius!). As someone who has struggled with frost bite for an entire ski career, I pretty much attribute Intuition to saving my skiing life. As a big mountain and backcountry skier I live in my ski boots almost year round. I spend more time hiking up mountains and skiing back down than anything else, and keeping my feet warm and comfortable is my biggest priority to be honest. I use the pro tour liners in my Salomon Mountain LAB boots because of their range of motion. They still have the same warmth and comfort as the durable and stiff Powerwrap that I love so much, but they allow me to take fullest advantage of the superb walk mode in my touring boot. The biggest hesitation going to the pro tour a few years ago being the “wrap person” that I am, was the traditional tongue design. Because of my high arches, I like having as little material as possible on the top of my foot, and it turns out that’s not a problem at all. For those long days walking countless kilometers to and around mountains, I wouldn’t ever consider taking any other liner with me. As for the power wrap, this is my go to every day ski liner. Whether I want to stiffen up my touring boot or rip around the ski resort bell to bell, the comfort and ease associated with this liner is unmatched. I run between a 23.5 and 24.5 boot size and have always gone up half a size while using the Powerwrap. Comfort and warmth are the most important thing for my feet at this point in my ski career. Because the power wrap is a medium volume body with exception heel hold, I can achieve the tight performance fit I need without losing circulation or rubbing unwanted bone spurs. When I take my boots off at the end of the day, I get a strange satisfaction watching the steam rise from my liners. It makes me happy to know that there is actually a solution to cold feet, and though praising my sweaty feet may sound weird, it’s ultimately the sign of very happy feet even on the coldest of days.

-Allie Rood



...I pretty much attribute Intuition to saving my skiing life.
Chris at Majestic Heli ski, Alaska

Intuitions are a must for my job; they are lighter, warmer, dry faster, fit better, mold to your feet, solve most if not all feet issues, longevity and ski/perform better than stock liners. I pretty much tell all of my guides who are new to buy Intuition. If anyone, guide or guest has feet issues I tell them to purchase Intuition liners and it will solve at least 99% of their problems right there.

-Christopher Shelly – Professional Mountain Guide

Canadian Ski Guide Association

I pretty much tell all of my guides who are new to buy Intuition.

This is my first year skiing with Intuition Liners. The liners are incredible, whether you are looking for comfort or performance, Intuition has it all.The Powerwrap performs better than any liner I have ever skied. It hugs your foot and makes your skis feel like they are part of your feet. The Dreamliner is extremely comfortable while still offering great performance. I switched from my old liners because I was packing out other types of liners left and right.

I have never had issues with Intuition Liners packing out, they perform great and are extremely durable, even if you are hitting drops and jumps 6 days a week.

-Drew Hartley – Pro Skier

...whether you are looking for comfort or performance, Intuition has it all.

I used Intuition Liners to set the World Record as the Youngest person to climb Mt. Aconcagua (22,841 feet) when I was 9 years old. When I was 8 years old I climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro but had problems because my feet became too cold. Well, Intuition Liners in -19 degrees F kept my feet extremely warm and helped me to set a World Record. I look forward to using them on the rest of the Seven Summits to break even more records with nice, warm, and blister free feet, thanks to Intuition Liners.

-Tyler Armstrong – World Record Mountaineer

Climbing since 2000, I’ve been travelling around the world looking for new adventures and mountains, my passion has helped me to visit places like Manaslu in Nepal, The Chugach Range in Alaska, Waddington Range in BC Canada and my love Patagonia, where I had the Chance to accomplish a few first ascents in remote areas.

I have been using Intuition liners since 2009 and they changed my life. Great performance for all conditions, they work really well in cold conditions, but also they will dry quick in wet environments like Patagonia. I have used my Intuitions in many places like the Himalayas, Alaska, Waddington Range and Patagonia and I love them.

-Pedro Binfa – Mountaineering Instructor

Great performance for all conditions...

As a Pro Skier I ski over 200 days a year and the Intuition Power wrap gives me the high performance I need when skiing first descents and big lines. Sometimes when the heli drops you off you need to boot pack for an hour or so to get to your line and these Power Wrap liners keep my feet comfy and warm.They are a custom liner that is molded to your feet, they work so well and are so snug around the foot I can ski groomed or hard pack without even buckling. Being out in the mountains all day, whether it’s in the backcountry, climbing, heli or resort they keep my feet warm and comfortable. These liners can make old boots new again. If you are a skier that loves your old shells, but your liners are worn out, the Power Wrap can resurrect them.For warmth, comfort, and High Performance all day, as a Pro Skier I rely on the Intuition Power Wrap.

-Robbie Hilliard – Pro Skier

These liners can make old boots new again.

Intuition liners saved my skiing…

Every ski boot I use downhill, ski touring, ski mountaineer race is replaced with the intuition liners. On Mount Logan my feet stayed warm and comfortable. I am STOKED how light the liners are. Since the early nineties when I first discovered the liners, I could never ski any other liner….Looking forward to many more. Thanks Crystal, Rob and the all the Intuition crew who make it happen!

-Mike Traslin – Pro Skier

I have been using Intuition Liners for twelve years. The moment I put them on, I immediately got rid of my stock liners. Intuition Liners are lighter and more comfortable and quick to dry. How can you go wrong. Just go with your Intuition.

-Andy Traslin – Pro Skier

I am STOKED how light the liners are.

I have been wearing Intuition Liners for 3 years now. I simply cannot ski without them. The comfort to performance ratio is unmatched by any other liner on the market. They make your skiing noticeably better and your feet won’t be crying for help at the end of the day.

-Gavin Smith – Pro Skier

I can legitimately rave about intuition liners. Since I started wearing them in ski boots I have not been able to use a stock liner again. I wear them at least 50 hours a week during the winter. Other liners would cause painful pressure points and bone spur formation. Intuition Liners took care of the problem and allow me to do my job. On Denali at 18-20,000 feet the warmth is especially important during climbing and rescue work. When it’s your only shoe to wear outside for 4 weeks straight the comfort provided by Intuition Liners is worth its weight in gold. Thanks for a great product. I wish the boot companies would stop trying to make their own liners because I won’t wear them.

-Kevin Wright – Snow Safety Technician – Alyeska Resort
mountaineering ranger – Denali National Park

...the comfort provided by Intuition Liners is worth its weight in gold

My ex-girlfriend says I suffer well. True, but for long traverses abused feet can be a deal breaker. I rely on Intuition liners to get me through unsupported 120-200 mile ski traverses each winter, averaging 40 miles a day. The scenery is always amazing, but I can also count on moving for 20 hours straight, -20 F temperatures and skiing through overflow or open water that fills my boots. Thanks for your durable, light, comfortable, and reliable liners!

-Luc Mehl – 4-time winner of the Alaska Mountain Wilderness Ski Classic Adventure Race

Thanks for your durable, light, comfortable, and reliable liners!

Hi my name is Aspen, I’m 13 years young, and I love to ski, especially in Intuition liners!!! Once you wear Intuition Liners, you never go back. I am stoked on my INTUITION liners and loving my ski boots. They really make me feel like my skis are actually sticking to my feet! Almost like they are a part of my body! They are definitely the most comfortable liners that I’ve ever had.

-Aspen Spora – Pro Skier

I’ve been a Ski Guiding in Canada for 25 years now. I make my living with my feet, and they need to be comfortable and warm day after day all winter long, or I’m not a happy lad. Intuition liners have given me that with the perfect, custom fit for roughly the past 18 years, and different liner styles for the different boots I use. Thanks for the happy feet, and keeping innovative.

-Rich Marshall – IFMGA Guide

Thanks for setting me up with some Intuition Denali liners for my plastic mountaineering boots last week. I put them to the test on a rescue last night on Hollyburn – warm and comfy. Even after kicking lots of steps in hard, icy snow my toes and shins were happy and well padded. The liners were sweat free/dry very quickly after taking them off which is a huge value for SAR work – no one wants to go out on a second rescue call with wet feet.

-Mike Sample – North Shore Rescue

I spent many days in March sleeping in a tent in -30C temperatures training for the ACMG exam, and completing it, and my feet were never cold in your liners. We had a couple of days of -38C and other people had really cold feet. I didn’t though. I was cold everywhere else, but my feet were fine.

-Paige Bell – Vancouver, BC

Intuition Liners have given me the perfect fit for the past 18 years.

I started my season off in November, in my brand new boots from my leading sponsor. I was ready to have a great season, ready to get back into it after coming off last seasons U.S.A. Championship win. There was one thing wrong though; my feet couldn’t be in my boots longer than three runs without getting constant hot spots and excruciating pain. I tried a number of things through December, and nothing worked. I found out about intuition liners on the Internet and instantly emailed them about helping me out. I had the dream-liners sent to me and they were a huge help right away. I instantly saw improvement; it was like skiing on something I had never been on before. I could feel my whole boot and had total control. After receiving the liners, I focused on my ski cross season. Didn’t have a great start to my season due to injuries but then March came around. I went out on the FIS Nor Am Cup series. Hitting six races in one month. I slowly but steadily improved from a 35th place skier to a 15th place skier over the course of the season on the FIS circuit and I am currently ranked first in the nation under the USASA rankings going into the US nationals on April 10th, 2012. My season could not have shaped up to be this good without total comfort and control over my boots as this is the transfer point from athletic ability into the skis. I have to thank Crystal at Intuition Liners for all the help and support. Intuition Liners are the best out there and I will never go back to a standard stock liner again.

-Matt Brady – Pro Skier

I could feel my whole boot and had total control.

I’ve been skiing with Intuition liners or a few seasons now. After a serious case of frostbite, and a growing distaste for skiing in controlled areas, I found the Dreamliner in the midst of my ever constant search for putting together the warmest, lightest, stiffest backcountry touring setup possible. What I found is they kept my feet warm, but they also add a stiffness to my AT boots and a tourabilty that’s unmatched. At this stage in the game, whether I’m guiding or skiing for fun, I stuff my Dreamliners into my AT shells no questions asked. Nothing I have tested or used in the field comes close.

-Brennan Legasse – Pro Touring Skier

Nothing I have tested or used in the field comes close.

The Intuition Liners are the best liners I have ever used. Super light, incredibly warm, and makes any ski boot better! Skiing over 200 days a year, I can pack out a factory boot liner by mid-season. This year I made the switch and at the end of the season they are still like day one!

I use Intuition Liners in my park and AT boots and will never go back. No blisters, no second ankles, no sixth toes, no frozen toes. Skiing without Intuition Liners is like driving a car without power steering!

-Kerry Lofy – Pro Skier

The liners were a critical piece of our gear, they were totally indispensable. All of us used these as our only inner boot in our plastic climbing boots. They were very warm, comfortable and light weight. They dried out easily and did not freeze at night outside our sleeping bags. In fact there was no reason to sleep with these inners in your sleeping bag (like other inners) as they warm up very fast in the morning with body heat and do not absorb much moisture. The inner boot performed well at altitude. At 8,000 meters I did not notice any swelling of the material. The form lasted well through several days of transport at warm temperatures and climbing up high at cold temperatures. These inner boots are surely the ticket for mountaineering and we were proud ambassadors of this useful Canadian product.

-Karen McNeill, Marg Saul, & Helen Sovdat
1st Canadian Women’s Cho Oyu Expedition

Skiing without Intuition Liners is like driving a car without power steering!

Polar expeditions demand that a person is picky when it comes to equipment. We chose Intuition Liners for their reputation and were 100% pleased. They were functional, low maintenance and warm. I couldn’t have asked for more. They’re on the packing list for every future polar endeavor.

-Tyler Fish – Director: Outward Bound Intercept program, Cross-Country Skier, Arctic Explorer

They're on the packing list for every future polar endeavor.

How fun is driving a car without power steering? Well, skiing without a custom liner is about the same once you have been in them for a little while. I am very partial to Intuition’s Power Wrap Liner. They form around all those little oddities that are your feet and ankles like a dream. I have skied and competed in them for the last 8+ seasons and I am not sure how I skied without them before. A taller cuff and the double overlap wrap of these beauties make stock liners feel strange and inadequate in comparison. They are also insanely warm, so you can kiss cold toes goodbye too.

Intuition Power Wraps are like having a custom footbed from the knee down! Do yourself a favor and buy a pair of Intuition Power Wraps this season before you waste another year skiing with non-power steering.

-Daryn Edmunds – 10 Year Veteran of the Freeskiing World Tour/ Writer for UnofficialNetworks.com

Polar expeditions demand that a person is picky when it comes to equipment. We chose Intuition Liners for their reputation and were 100% pleased. They were functional, low maintenance and warm. I couldn’t have asked for more. They’re on the packing list for every future polar endeavor.

-Tyler Fish – Director: Outward Bound Intercept program, Cross-Country Skier, Arctic Explorer

Thankfully, the introduction of the Intuition Liner has solved most (if not all) of our guests’ ski boot fit problems. Most noticeably, they are a lot warmer than any other liner I’ve seen. Their complete 360 customization to the foot and the boot allows a snug fit while still accommodating sensitive spots. They have even allowed guests with frost-nipped toes to complete their ski week. They also allow an ease of entry/exit when the boot shell is stiff or extremely cold.

-Charles Grooms – Shop Manager
Adamant Lodge – Selkirk Mountains, BC

The liners were a critical piece of our gear, they were totally indispensable.

Well, as a non-consumerist I make a point of not pushing any particular products — mostly if you want to get out and enjoy the mountains, you can have as much fun on whatever you find at the second hand store, as on that flashy new XXX you see with the big name brand. But one product that all of us kept praising as we marched the entire length of the BC Coast Mountain Range and up and over Mt. Logan, was how functional AND comfortable our Intuition Liners were. They were great for all conditions, amazingly, always keeping our feet warm even when wet! We’d march through a stream rushing with spring melt, stop briefly to dump out the water on the other side, and carry on; No point in drying them out as they don’t absorb the water anyway! The next night just set them out in the cold night & the small amount of water on the surface evaporates. Slide them on in the morning and your feet are toasty within seconds!! I never carried booties, because I knew that for cooking out on cold nights, nothing would be warmer than my intuition liners. One pair carried me all the way from Vancouver, BC to Skagway, Alaska!

I certainly wouldn’t bother with anything else!

-xoxo Lena Rowat – Pro Skier

They were great for all conditions...always keeping our feet warm even when wet!

Water skiing is a very technical sport that requires a high degree of precision for success. Intuition Liners contribute a lot to my skiing. Without a comfortable, well fitting liner I would not be able to ski with adequate precision. I can trust that my liners will feel the same every time I hit the water. This eliminates both mental and physical variables from each set. Intuition Liners provide me with the fit, performance and consistency I require with out compromise. Skiing the amount I ski is taxing on any liner but the Intuition Liners hold up the best. When it’s time to break in a new set of liners, the quality control is at such a high standard that I feel almost no change in fit. Not only are the liners awesome but Intuition is a stand-up Canadian company so you just can’t lose.

-Jaret Bull – Pro Water Skier

I can trust that my liners will feel the same every time I hit the water.

Intuition Liners kept my feet snug through years of competing in big mountain events, they’ve kept my feet warm whilst having the privilege of sitting in the cold for hours whilst judging big mountain comps, they’ve taken weight off of my touring boots and turned them from sloppy wet noodles into supportive tight fitting old friends, they’ve served as kick slippers in backcountry huts and tents, they’ve provided me with comfort and performance from the Rockies to the Purcells to the Coast Range to Norway to France and back again. I can safely say that Intuition Liners play a big part in helping me to ski the way that I want to.

-Matt Coté – Competitive Big Mountain Skier

Spending months on end in the mountains really takes its toll on a person and on their feet. I have always struggled with loose fitting, bulky high altitude mountaineering boots on technical terrain. My new Intuition Liners not only made my big Everest boots fit better and feel warmer, they allowed me to utilize a boot that I normally wouldn’t wear up above 7000M. One of the best things I noticed was how quickly these liners dried out at night; a very important feature for working at high altitudes. The added warmth, reduced weight and improved fit made all the difference in the great ranges of the world. I will never use stock standard liners again.

-Chris Szymiec – Mountain Guide, Ganesh Adventures – K2 & Broad Peak International Expedition 2009, 2010, 2011 – Everest North 2011

...Intuition Liners play a big part in helping me to ski the way that I want to.

As a professional avalanche forecaster, I spend a lot of days in ski boots. Whether standing around in snow pits or while teaching classes, for years I’ve relied on Intuition Liners to keep my feet warm and comfortable. And as a ski mountaineer I’ve become addicted to their performance on long approaches and challenging descents. Happy feet are the key to doing my job and following my passion all winter long. Thanks Intuition!

-Chris Lundy – Sawtooth National Forest Avalanche Center, Sun Valley, Idaho

...I've become addicted to their performance on long approaches and challenging descents

I am taking the opportunity to thank you for supplying us with the Intuition Liner and allowing us to test the Ultralon Foam as a sleeping pad. The products have performed very well. The Intuition Liners are comfortable, light, and easy to work with. Also worth mentioning would be how incredibly warm they are. These liners have basically brought my alpine touring boots (and ski boots) back from the dead. I look down at my feet, after hours of work, and marvel at how comfortable and warm they are. The sleeping pads that you have provided are excellent. Simply put, with this pad you now have a product that is warmer, lighter and smaller than conventional pads. The pad is also very easy to fold and manipulate, therefore, making it easier to pack.

-John Grant – Adventure Tourism Coordinator
Canadian Tourism College

I recently returned from a successful ascent of Cerro Aconcagua in Argentina, which at 6962 meters is the highest mountain in the Americas. Temperatures on our summit day with wind chill were -40 to -50C. Of the four in our party, all of whom were wearing double plastic mountaineering boots with foam liners, I was the only one who had warm feet and did not get frostbitten toes. I also found that I only needed to wear one pair of wool socks with my Intuition liners for my feet to stay warm and comfortable. Another benefit I found was in the weight, they are much lighter than regular liners.

-Tony Vaughn – Victoria, BC

I truly wish every boot company in the world used your liners. They would all fit far better and no one would ever have cold feet again.

-Paul Burrows – Eagan, Minnesota

I was the only one who had warm feet and did not get frostbitten toes.