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L Pad

Need some extra padding for your liners?




The L pads are 4mm and 6mm foam shapes with sticky backing to be added to the outside of the liner for extra heel hold and filling up space where needed.

L pads are sold in sets of 4…one for both sides of each foot.

The L pads are a smaller shape designed to go partly under the ankle bone area increasing heel hold without being too aggressive.

*Before applying L pads, make sure to try the liners on in your shells, done up. Do not mold L pads on the liners, as they are to be added after molding, if extra padding is needed.

*Use the sticky backing to position the pads on the outside of the liner. Try them on in the shells again. Once you have found the sweet spot, duct tape over the pads to the outside of the liner to keep them in place.

Check out this video to see how to use our heel hold pads: C & L Pad Video.


Cosmetics may vary on product

Weight6 g