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Liner Education

How To Choose Your Liner
23/24 Refined Models

The five steps below will take you through the process of selecting the most suitable liner for you. Or submit a Fit Evaluation Form for a recommendation.

Step 1


We make many liners specific to each sport to make it easier to narrow down your choices, but we also know that not everyone will fit into one standard. All Intuition Liners are made from the same high quality Intuition Foam, and therefore can all be used for any discipline you choose, depending on the height, thickness, and flex desired. Use application to narrow down your results and return to here if you are needing more options.

Choose from:

  • Downhill Skiing & Snowboarding = Downhill
  • Telemark Skiing = Downhill & Tour
  • Alpine Ski Touring and Split-boarding, Skimo = Tour
  • Alpine Mountaineering, Ice Climbing, Fat Tire Cycling = Mountaineering + H2O

  • Waterskiing = H2O + Mountaineering

  • Inline Skating = Skate
  • Winter Boots = –F/C°

Step 2

Tongue or Wrap Style

There are several reasons to choose tongue or wrap style liners. Tongue style liners are familiar, have good range of motion and offer a very accurate fit right out of the box. Wrap style liners are slightly stiffer and offer a truly seamless molded fit, although the out of the box fit will be less defined before they are heated. We have one specific recommendation as well

Do you have X-large or X-small calf muscles that have you using only the first or the last buckle settings?

  • If yes, we recommend trying one of our wrap liners
  • If no, we recommend trying the tongue style liner for the replacement of a tongue style liner, and a wrap style liner for a slightly stiffer flex.

Step 3

Stiffness/Flex (Density)

Would you like to increase the stiffness from when your boot was new or maintain its current flex?

The stiffness of your boot can be modified by the combination of factors; wrap style liners are stiffer than tongue style, flex panels add range of motion, overall liner thickness and lacing also have a role, but choosing foam density is easy and will have the largest effect.

Extreme Cold < 

Low Density

Soft Flex

Best of Both

Dual Density

Medium Flex

> Highest Performance

High Density

Stiff Flex

Available in:

Only -F/C° Liner

All Liners

Downhill Liners

Step 4

What Thickness Do I Choose?
(Liner Body)


To determine the right thickness of your liner, start by checking your shell fit. To do this, pull the existing liner out of the shell. Stand with your bare foot inside the bare shell and move your foot all the way forward so that your toes are just barely touching the end. Bend your knee and flex forward a bit so that you can slide your hand or a marker into the shell behind your leg. How many fingers can you fit between your heel and the shell.

ONE FINGER / 13mm / 1/2” OR LESS

…you have a small amount of room inside your shell, so you will need a thinner (9mm) liner:

ONE to TWO FINGERS (13mm – 25mm)(1/2”- 1”)

…this is about average so you will need a 12mm liner.

MORE THAN TWO FINGERS / 25mm+ / 1” +

…you have a lot of room to fill between your shell and your foot, so you will need a thicker (15mm) liner:

Step 5

Size (Length)

What is your shell size?

All our Refined liners end on half-sizes, so whether your shell is a whole or half-size we recommend the same size liner for both. Remember foam is very malleable and we want the liners to fit snugly within the shell.

Example Shell: Size 8-8.5 US Men’s / 26-26.5 Mondo

Example liner: DH-T-DD-12 Size 8-8.5 US Men’s / 26-26.5 Mondo


Do you plan to use a footbed or orthotic in your liner?

All Intuition’s Refined liners can be used with or without footbeds provided there is sufficient room without crowding the foot. All our Refined liners now feature a 4mm HD foam sole, except for our 9mm HD models which feature a woven textile sole to reduce volume. All liners include one pair of 4mm HD shim insoles to adjust fit. 


Have more questions for us about fitting your boots? Submit a Fit Evaluation form and one of our staff will get back to you with our liner suggestion. Please allow up to 3 business days for a response, especially during peak season.