Please read instructions fully before you start the fitting process!


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Machine Console:

1: Power Switch: Red plastic on/off switch


– In ON position, light will come on and heater and fan will begin to operate.


2: Timer: Clear plastic dial


– For wrap-style models – place shorter tube between overlapping cuffs at half-time, so outside overlap is heated as well.Set timer using clear plastic dial on top of machine console. Time range is from 0-30 minutes, but recommended time is 4-12 min depending on liner model (refer to heating chart to follow).


– When timer sounds, heater will shut off, but fan will continue to cool machine.

3: Temperature Gauge: Digital LED displays


– Top display box is actual temperature, bottom display box is desired temperature (Celsius).


– When heat tube machine is on, temperature controller shows a set temperature of 119 C, and can be adjusted by pressing the “SET” button. Initially the far right digit will flash, and can be adjusted using up and down arrows. The “<” button moves indicator to change each digit as needed. When desired temperature appears in LED, press “SET” button again to complete temperature adjustment.


– Temperature readout on top LED screen will display a varied temperature (up and down) from set temperature (example: if temperature is set at 120 C, display will fluctuate between 114-124 in order to maintain target temperature).


– Shops located at higher altitudes (over 3000m/10,000 ft) may require longer heating times for optimum fitting results.





For repair or replacement contact your supplier.

See warranty information provided at time of purchase.

How to Heat Mold Liners


Before heat molding, both liners should be tried on in boots (with any orthotics or foot beds you intend to use) to ensure liners fit boots and feet properly.



Prepare boots


– Unbuckle/unlace shells completely to allow boots to open up as much as possible.



Insert Intuition liner into shell


IMPORTANT – remove any paper wadding, orthotics or foot beds prior to heating.


– Make sure liner sits properly inside shell (without folding or wrinkling).



Place boots on heating tubes


– Boot heels should rest on boot rack bar that supports heat tube machine. Rack has two curved areas for heels of boots to rest in (toes up to ceiling).


For tongue-style models – both tubes should be inside liners.


For wrap-style models – place shorter tube between overlapping cuffs at half-time, so outside overlap is heated as well.

Toe Cap Sizing Chart:

Small: Mondo 22-25 / US Men’s 4-7
Large: Mondo 26-33 / US Men’s 8-15


Turn on heater


– Press red power switch to turn on heater. Red light will turn on, heater and fan will start.



Set timer


– Using clear plastic dial on top of console, select appropriate time for the liner model you are fitting. Recommended heating time for Intuition liners is 4-12 minutes, less amount of time for Dreamliner and most OEM liners (refer to heating chart below).

– Timer dial will not move as it counts down, but buzzer will sound when set time has passed and heating element turns off.



Prep customer for custom fit using the Intuition Fit Kit


– Put one fitting stocking on first foot to fit. Add toe cap on top with Intuition logo over big toe. Pull second fitting stocking over top to hold toe cap in place. Make sure both stockings are pulled all the way up the leg to eliminate wrinkles and protect leg from the hot liner. Liners form best when the customer wears the thinnest socks possible, allowing maximum transfer of detail of their foot shape to the liner.


– Toe caps ensure sufficient toe box is formed into liner, allowing for freedom of movement of toes or “wiggle room”. If extra space is required, consider using two toe caps on each foot.


Mold liners


– When timer sounds, put boot on customer’s foot as quickly as possible (insert orthotics/foot beds into liner first). You may need to remove liner from boot in order to insert foot bed, before replacing it as soon as possible. When boot is on, instruct customer to kick heel into ground to ensure heel and liner are in heel pocket of boot.


– Timer dial will not move as it counts down, but buzzer will sound when set time has passed and heating element turns off.

NOTE: When timer goes off, turn heater back on to allow 2nd liner to continue to heat while 1st one is being fit. Be sure NOT to leave it for more than 2-3 additional minutes. (If you require longer fit time than that, consider placing 2nd boot on heater some time after time is initially started for 1st boot).



Assess fit


– When liners have cooled sufficiently, remove boots, stockings and toe caps. Have customer put on their usual ski/snowboarding socks and place feet back into boots. Buckle or lace up to a comfortable tension and assess fit.

More of a visual learner? Check out our You-Tube Video!

Extra Notes / Fit Tips

– Pay attention to fit description when customer first tries liners in boots. If liners felt tight when first tried on, buckle/lace extra tight when heat molding to compress foam and create more room for foot. If liners felt loose when first tried on, buckle/lace a bit more loosely to avoid compressing (thinning out) foam. As long as liner feels secure, with no sloppiness or movement, and no major pressure points, go ahead and heat mold.


– Liners can be reheated and reformed if they do not take proper shape during first forming. If you need to adjust fit / hot spots in a specific area (ex. ankle or toe box) consider spot-heating with heat gun to push or punch them out without changing overall fit. Be sure to keep heat gun moving constantly over section to avoid overheating or burning fabric or foam.


– Customers may need to ski a couple of times to let liners settle and feet adjust to the fit. If customer identifies hotspots while skiing, consider adjusting as suggested above.

For a more aggressive mold: Heat for maximum suggested time.

Be mindful of volume and size. A low volume (thinner) liner requires less heating time, as will a size 4 compared to a size 15.

Mini Luxury Liner (Kids):  2-4
Jr. Race (Kids):  2-4
Dreamliners:  4-6
Classic FX:  4-6
Mukluk:  4-6
Aqua:  6-8
Classic RD:  6-8
Denali:  6-8
FX Race:  6-8
Pro Tour:  6-8
Tour Wrap:  6-8
Universal:  6-8
Logan:  6-8
Tour Mod:  6-8

Classic HD:  8-10
Godiva:  8-10
HD Race:  8-10
Plug Race:  8-10
Luxury:  8-10
Alpine:  8-10
Plug:  8-10
Powerwrap:  10-12
Powerwrap +:  10-12
Pro Wrap:  10-12
Pro Tongue:  10-12
SBC Wrap:  10-12